Oyako Donburi (Chicken and Egg on Rice)

We had Japanese for lunch today. This is so simple to cook. I once have a not-so-close Japanese friend told me Japanese cooking is all about its simplicity and using best fresh ingredients possible. This is so true. Oyako in Japan means 'Parent & Child' and Donburi means 'Rice Bowl Dish'. This dish usually consist of chicken and egg as the main ingredients because of its poetic reflection to 'Parent & Child' (Source: Wikipedia).

In fact this whole recipe is based on Wikipedia. I didn't really know what goes into an Oyako Donburi apart from chicken and egg. To be very honest, I don't cook Japanese often but I do love eating them. I quote Wikepedia as below:

The donburi simmering sauce varies according to season ingredient, region, and taste. A typical sauce might consist of dashi flavored with shoyu and mirin. Proportions vary, but usually there is three to four times as much dashi as shoyu and mirin. For oyakodon, Tsuji (1980) recommends dashi flavored with light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and sugar.

To make oyakodon, cut chicken and other ingredients into bite-sized pieces. Heat 1/4 cup simmering sauce in a small frying pan. Add chicken (and sliced yellow onion, if desired) and simmer until chicken is cooked. Then add green onions and other ingredients. When all ingredients are cooked, slowly pour 1–2 lightly beaten eggs evenly over the whole dish. When eggs are nearly cooked (edges set), slide the topping from the pan onto hot cooked rice served in an oversized bowl. The hot rice will finish cooking the eggs.

I felt Mirin is very sweet and the soy sauce is not very salty unlike typical Chinese Soy Sauce. So I came up with the proportion below. And then I saw on 3hungrytummies's blog where he kept the egg yolk raw and add it in last. I like how it look and I really love creamy warm yolk so I kept the yolk and only dribble in egg whites. Here is my version of Oyakodon:

(serves 2)

Enough rice to serve 2 people, scoop into a large bowl and kept warm
2 chicken thigh fillets, cubed into large pieces
2 eggs, separated
1-2 spring onions, finely chopped and remove half for garnishing
2 small brown onion (Mine were as large as my extra large egg ), sliced into half rings

Mix together: This is your simmering sauce

1/2 cup dashi stock (I bought ready made stuffs)
1.5 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp light Kikkoman soy sauce (or Shoyu)
1/2 tsp dark soy sauce

Heat some oil in a pan and brown the chicken pieces. Set aside. Repeat with the onion slices and dish it up and set aside. You can omit this but I like to see my chicken and onions sauteed in all the dishes I eat, personal preference.

Heat half the simmering sauce in a small egg pan. Scatter over half of the sauteed onions and chicken cubes in a single layer and simmer until chicken is thoroughly cooked through. Add in half the chopped spring onions and let it cook for a minute or so. Beat the egg whites lightly and slowly dribble it over the pan evenly. Cover with a lid and simmer until egg is partially set. When eggs are nearly cooked (edges set), slide the topping from the pan onto hot cooked rice served in an oversized bowl. Make an indentation in the centre and slide in one egg yolk into the centre. The hot rice will finish cooking the eggs. Garnish with reserved chopped spring onions and serve immediately.

Repeat again to get another portion. It's quick, doesn't take long at all. If you have 2 egg pans, that would be great. We cook our own portion and eat at the same time. The creamy yolk is to die for!!!!

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3 hungry tummies said...

Great adaptation to suit your taste and thanks for the shout!

noobcook said...

oyaku don, my fave! I love raw egg in my don, unfortunately I don't trust the eggs sold in Singapore, not even the so-called "organic" ones :p

Clare @ Mrs Multitasker said...

You are just brilliant for being able to make this by just reading wiki!!! I'm amazed! Next time make your own dashi ok Quinn? It would be so easy for you and it's so good! (I have an old post on it here: http://mrsmultitasker.com/2009/10/27/dashi/)

Su-yin said...

I love making oyako don. So simple yet so comforting. The tip to serve the egg yolk seperately is BRILLIANT! I will do that next time. :)

krissy said...

You guys are just making me hungry all the time. I think I'd stop gawking on some recipes for sometime. By the way this donburi looks good. i've been looking for donburi recipes like this http://answers.jpn.com/questions/24/whats-a-donburi

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