Bacon and Chicken Roll with Stuffing and Side Salad

This one is inspired from a recipe from Apples for Jam. From a Pot-Roasted Steak with Spinach and Omelette recipe, I changed it to a Bacon and Chicken Roll with Stuffing.The spinach and omelette stuffing is loosely adapted from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. It consist of eggs, baby spinach, cheese and sundried tomatoes. I changed the beef to chicken and wrapped it with bacon.

The salad is a baby spinach and carrot salad tossed in a honey mustard vinaigrette. It's raw carrot so make sure you slice it thinly. A vegetable peeler produce thin and long strips beautifully. The roll is lightly browned in pan until the bacon fat is rendered before roasting in the oven until golden brown and cooked.

Bacon and Chicken Roll with Stuffing and Side Salad

The bacon and chicken:
6 slices middle rasher bacons
2 large chicken thigh fillets

Spread out 2 large chicken thigh fillets on a chopping board and slice them horizontally, stopping just before you cut all the way through so that the chicken fillets opens up like a book. Gently use the back of a knife and flatten the meat further so it flattens out, like making schnitzel.

Lay two large sheets of plastic wrap on a clean surface and arrange 3 bacons on each of the plastic wrap, overlapping slightly. Place the flattened chicken fillets on the bacons. Arrange stuffing evenly on both chicken surface and roll up tightly and neatly, guided with the plastic wrap. Chill it in the fridge for 30 minutes so that it holds its shape. Pan fry the roll lightly until brown and that the fat is rendered. Then roast it in the oven for 40 minutes in a moderately hot oven until it is golden brown and that the chicken is cooked through.

Spinach and Omelette Stuffing

1 tbsp oil
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 bag (300g) baby spinach leaves, washed and drained well
1 tbsp heaped butter
2 egg
2 tbsp Parmesan cheese
4 pcs sun-dried tomatoes, chopped to small bits

Heat the oil in a pan and add the garlic. When you can smell it, add the baby spinach leaves and cook over medium heat until the spinach wilts, turning it over often so that it cooks evenly. Remove from pan and season with salt. Drain well.

Clean the pan well and dollop the butter in. Beat the egs with the cheese and a pinch of salt. When the butter is melted, pour in the egg mixture and swirl the pan so that it makes a flat omelette. Fry until the omelette is just set, spiking it here and there if necessary so that the uncooked eggs runs to the bottom. Remove from heat and set aside.

Lay half the omelette on each fillet and spread the spinach filling over. Scatter over the sun-dried tomatoes before rolling.

Spinach and Carrot Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

As much baby spinach and carrots to your liking

For the honey mustard vinaigrette:

2 tbsp EVOO
2 tsp White Wine Vinegar (use a real good quality one)
1/2 tsp Dijon Mustard
1/2 tsp honey
Good salt flakes and freshly grinded black pepper to taste

As you could see, the ingredients are very simple so I'd say if you could, use the best and freshest ingredients for all of them. And because the portion is so small, you can everything in a bowl with a whisk. Combine the WWV, Dijon and honey and whisk to combine. Add in the EVOO in slow drizzle and emulsify until it is slightly thickened. Set aside for flavours to mingle before tossing with the spinach and carrot.

To serve, place some of the salad tossed in dressing on a serving plate. Slice up the bacon roll and arrange them over the salad. Serve immediately.

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Anncoo said...

WOW! Lovely dish and I love your presentation, so beautiful.

Elin said...

Quinn...well done...I love my chicken stuffed with bacons and spinach. Looks delicious. Have KIV this...I hope Jo can cook like you :)

3 hungry tummies said...

That is a beautiful looking dish!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! I can't seem to comment on your dulce de leche post because I can't find the button. It's such a touching post! Yes, you're slowly changing some parts of you for that special someone without realizing ... =) I bet that better half also is changing for you ... It's a win-win situation, I guess.

Eat more dumplings. Are you making some?

Jo said...

This looks really, really good. I love bacon wrapped in anything.

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