Sticky Lemon Chicken with Champ

It's hot, it's humid, it's sticky, damp, wet, full of moisture and all here in Malaysia! It's a lot hotter in Adelaide but I don't like the humidity here. We both landed safely on Sunday night. Had so much good food as of now. Aaron went back to Labuan today so I finally have just a little spare time to update what we ate for our last meal before we flew back to Malaysia.

Yes, it's the Champ I've blogged about in my previous post. But this time with a real good sticky lemon chicken. The sticky lemon chicken is quick, sticky, yummy and all you can look for from lemon. Here's a video of Gordon in action:

I love him despite him being so vulgar. I think he is just being really honest and direct, that's how I would describe Gordon. Here is the recipe if anyone wanna try it. Didn't have parsley but can't say no to coriander. We are both great coriander lovers. And substituted fresh thymes with dried ones too. I use fresh lemon too. The zing, the tanginess is just about right. Added in a touch of dark soya sauce too.

Had this for lunch overlooking Adelaide city one last time before I say hello again for a month. I doubt I'll be cooking much in Malaysia. I live so lavishly here, like seriously. I enjoy all the pampering and the attention I get with everyone fussing around me. I am getting so lazy. And I manage to get stuffs and gadgets that I can bring back to Adelaide, everything just seem cheaper here in KL compared to Adelaide. I'll try update this blog again just about a week after Chinese New Year. I'll try dig out some stuffs we ate last time that deserve a mention here. I know not everyone is celebrating CNY and I don't want anyone to feel left out and it is getting a little quiet here.

So, try the sticky lemon chicken with champ and let me know if you like it. I'll be busy. Have fun and check back often for more great yummy food!

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Anncoo said...

Hi Quinn, so you're back home already. Happy Lunar New Year and enjoy yourself during the holidays :)
This lemon chicken really looks sticky and delicious. Nice clicks too!

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

The dish look awesome but why are you cooking???? Glad to know you're safely in KL and of course, being the centre of attention! Enjoy yourself! Eat. Chill. Have a great time. Happy new year to you and your family!


Kitchen Corner said...

This is absolutely an appetizing dish! I feel hungry just looking at it. Thanks for sharing the video clip. You are so professional now!

tigerfish said...

The sticky lemon chicken looks so tantalizing!

Mary said...

Your sticky chicken looks and sounds delicious. Despite his mouth, Gordon Ramsey is a wonderful chef. Thanks for sharing his recipe with us. Have a lovely day...Mary

Quinn said...

Anncoo: Thanks and yes I back home safely and only replying your comment now that I am back in Adelaide once more! The sticky lemon chicken was good. Didn't know soya sauce and lemon can taste so good!

Ju: I cook this a day before I left for Malaysia. Couldn't find time to post it. No, I will not cook in Malaysia when food is cheap and real good!

Grace: I am no professional. But I do enjoy a good meal once in a while so yeah, the effort is there. Gotta gimme the brownie points baby!

Tigerfish: Thanks!

Mary: Gotta agree with you I really love Gordon Ramsey! He cooks so well!

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