I told Aaron the other night we'll be eating Sticky Lemon Chicken with Champ. He gave me a glare and said 'Eat what?'. I repeated like three times and he couldn't understand me. We later sorted out the issue, he couldn't understand what champ is. He only know champion. Champignon de Paris, Champ or any other names would be alien to him.

Had a quick chat with Pei-Lin online and she too had a thought. Champ? Well, lemme clarify once for all here about what I know about Champ. If you all remember, I have an Irish friend who's mum gave me a recipe for Barmbrack. This Champ is also an Irish dish. It might not be traditional of Irish Halloween but maybe it's just the friend of mine, they have pennies buried in Champ. Anyone digging within their pile of Champ found it will have good luck blessed upon them all year round. And the pennies are nicely wrapped in food grade cling wrap in case you think it's disgusting!

Champ is creamy mashed potatoes with spring onions added into it at its core. Spring onions, otherwise known as green shallots or scallions are finely chopped and added into the mashed potatoes. Very similar to Colcannon (Irish mashed potatoes with shredded cabbage or kale), this one is delicious. Usually serve with a pool of butter melted at the centre, I stir it through thoroughly into the mashed potatoes. Just my preference.

Recipe? Make a batch of your favourite mashed potatoes, omitting the butter. To 1kg of potatoes, add in approximately 6 generous stalks of spring onions, finely chopped. Don't use the food processor for it. The heat from the mashed potatoes will cook the spring onion a little. If you're worried about the raw taste from the spring onions, feel free to heat the spring onions with the milk and cream called for in the mashed potatoes recipe. When mashed, create sorta like a pool at the centre or just swirl around. Dot butter over and serve immediately. It can be served with butter thoroughly stirred through or a butter pool at the centre or sometimes, puddles of butter around.

Have fun!

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Kitchen Corner said...

This is something very new to me. It looks like a summer food or something? Can I serve it with french loaf?

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Ahh ... Now, I'm clear on that! Looks good to me ... Mashed potatoes with lotsa spring onion!!

Quinn said...

Grace: Not sure about serving it with french loaf but with mixed meat, definitely yes!

Pei-Lin: Yeap, it's basically mashed potatoes with spring onions and lotsa butter too!

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