My Christmas Fare

Sharing with you all here some photos I manage to snap for our Christmas Eve dinner last year. Everyone seem too busy ushering in 2010 but I 'm still in 2009. Year 2009 has been a good year for me. Not good, but great. I don't usually put up picture of faces but Year 2009 has been a good year, I felt I've met so many new faces and learnt so much from people I should post up our dinner pic. That's me in Red Santa top with Aaron and our housemates in our balcony.

Here's the dining table at the balcony, overlooking Adelaide city. It's an awesome view and perfect weather though it's summer.

I cook what I'm familiar and have cooked before. These orange tomato glaze chicken by Tessa fitted everyone's tastebud perfectly.

Linguini al granchio for our staple. This is also by Tessa and I have to say, this is something I would make over and over again, not just for Christmas.

Baby spinach salad with bacon, mushrooms, onions, egg and warm bacon dressing. Couldn't agree with Pioneer Woman further, best salad ever! Recipe coming up soon wit more pics!

They look so Chrismassy and tasted absolutely wonderful. Everything was polished off plate but this one is a real winner.

These are the grape tomatoes used for the linguini. They look so beautifully studded with star shaped stalk. Red, ripe, juicy and very very sweet!

Goodbye Year 2009, Welcome Year 2010.

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petite nyonya said...

This is a 'sneak preview' before our actual meet ;)

Quinn said...

Oppppssie.....Yeah, I didn't expect anyone to be seeing this post really!

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