These shots were taken last year. I reckon there's nothing much so special about them but this was the first time Aaron and I both organized a BBQ with friends over and stuffs. It was really merry and we liked how everyone left with a smile on their face.

Unexpectedly, being the typical Asian, we overestimated the number of people coming. We had plenty of food let but no complains really, each guest gets to take some portion home for themselves. Yes, my mum and dad are strong believers of always having more than enough to serve up to your guests!

We had chicken rice, nasi lemak, chicken wings with 3 different flavours, satays with beef and chicken to chose from and a honeydew sago dessert. And yes, I planned the menu and prepared all the marinades and ingredients with help from housemates, chopping up stuffs and hard boiling the eggs and threading chicken cubes onto bamboo sticks.

It was heluva fun and I miss those times in Melbourne.... Exams are over and I'm heading to Chinatown tomorrow. I'll probably be dishing up something very soon so check back often.

I'll end this post with a shot of these tomatoes, I thought they look really good. Ripe and soaking up the sun. Good night Adelaideans...

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