Tava Revisit

This is so awesome I'd have to make a post just for its revisit. This is the second time I'm making this and this time around, I really simply throw spices in without any measurements whatsover. Remember my previous post of grilled chicken with garlic, rosemary, thymes and EVOO that I was complaining about ending up with too much basting sauce for merely 6 drumsticks? Well, you would have guessed it by now, I too out a large bowl and throw all the washed cleaned forequarters in there, throw in the remaining basting sauce from my lunch chicken, generous handful of parsley and a stingy drizzle of EVOO as my forequarters was on the fatty side.

I like how the meats are kept moist underneath the vegetables so I put that in first. Look at how beautiful they are!

I then pile on the red onions and potatoes. That's essentially all remaining stuffs in the large bowl.

Top it off with rings of Roma tomatoes.This was when disaster happened. The knife was on the blunt side it didn't penetrate the tomato skin well. Instead of piercing through the waxy tomato sorface, it pierced through my letft thumb, all the way from the middle of my nail towards the outer nail, which is my skin of course. It bleed profusely and we need to change the plaster twice! Talk about kitchen disaster, so be careful people!

Next up, dot them with butter generously and sprinkle over salt generously. This is how mine looked like in the end. Splash them with water and cover them with foil. Pop them into oven for 3 hours or so, rotating the tray once in a while to distribute the pan juices. In the final 45mins, unfoil them and blas the heat so the meat charred a little here and there but don't overdo it. Mine was a little overdoing but Aaron prefers the tomatoes this way. Yes, we both have issues with tomatoes!

Recipe is here and I hope I manage to persuade you in making one today!

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