Yochana's Steamed Yam Cake

Made this for a potluck gathering so no cross section view. I've used Aunty Yochana's recipe for this. The only changes I've made was to omit the siew yuk from this to make it halal. I've used chicken lap cheong if that's what you're wondering. I dunno how they made chicken lap cheong but it's got a halal sign so that's fine with me.

I'm very generous with the topping. I've also cheated by using readymade fried shallots because raw shallots are so expensive in Australia! They easily come up to AUD14.00 per kilo. And I've done the maths, readymade fried shallots are indeed cheaper.

I've steamed it in a springform pan because that's whtat I've got. I remove the sides so it'll cool faster as I was actually running late. I steamed it longer because I think I did not cook it till the desired thickess in the wok.

If you wanna know, this yam cake travelled for an hour in the car and by the time it reach the destination, it was room temperature already and cutting was a breeze. Just remember to use plastic spatula. I serve this with Sriracha chili sauce and Hoisin Sweet Sauce. Yes, I've also made 'Chee Cheong Fun' there as well! Posting that very soon!

Thank you Aunty Yochana for sharing the recipe with us!

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Anncoo said...

This yam cake looks exactly like we buy from the hawker centre. I thought only chinese sausage is added in it and not siew yuk.

Quinn said...

Dear Anncoo,
In Malaysia, we do have some stalls adding siew yuk into it. I've tried this twice, with and without siew yuk and they are both awesome, except that the one with siew yuk is a tad oily :) but yummy!

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