What Quinn does on typical Sundays

Every Saturdays and Sundays are very treasured and much appreciated in my house. This is the time we chose to hang out with fellow housemates in the balcony. The balcony is a nice place, overlooking a large piece of garden that is big enough to have another house fitted in there snugly.

It's usually me, Aaron and Su En. Together, we make a good brunch for ourselves. Su En did the bacon, Aaron did the pancakes and I made these scrambled eggs:

I made pancake batter from scratch using Nigella's recipe and had it stay in the fridge overnight so it is more convenient for Aaron to use right away the next day. My two cents, any pancake batter with baking soda cannot be kept overnight in fridge. Any pancake batter calling for baking powder only can be kept overnight. Surface will turn a little greyish but it is definitely alright to use. I've used wholemeal flour instead of plain flour. I'm pretty into healthy stuffs lately :)

And this is what we did after meal! We challenge ourselves to board games. Monopoly was the theme last weekend!

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