Sushi Making : My one and only attempt!

Making this was tiring, a messy affair and kinda disappointing. My rollings are terrible and uneven. Aaron couldn't even cut the roll into even thickness! Nonetheless, they are fun to make. I made a few different sushi(s):

Chicken Avocado
Crabsticks and cucumber
Tuna and sweetcorn
Egg Mayo with Cucumber

I made some inside out sushi(s) like the one in the first picture. Aaron made these normal looking ones. I combined rolling techniques and tips here and there and I really don't remember the sources anymore. Nonetheless, remember to:

For normal sushi, upon completing rolling, must remember to thoroughly wet your palms and wet the sushi with your hand so the Nori are thoroughly soaked. Failure to do so will result in hard to chew Nori.

Cling wrap your sushi mat loosely with Glad wrap if you are making inside out sushi else it will stick to the mat.
I had 2 different toppings to roll the inside out sushi in. One is a combination of black and white sesame, toasted and spread on a plate.

The other one I use store bought rice seasoning, called Furikake. Pret expensive but taste pretty good.

I use this Nori sheets. They are cut to size and fitted my sushi mat perfectly.

I didn't knwo what to do with the last bit of sushi rice since it won't be enough to make another sushi roll so I mould them into a ball and filled it with crabsticks. Roll it in Furikake and this is another type of Japanese treat itself, called Onigiri.

No recipe since it was a trial and error thingy. I used this brand of powdered sushi mix since I am only gonna make this once. Aaron only likes flavours like these. He doesn't like raw salmons and unagi. So, the fillings that I hav used are also very acceptable ingredients to please his picky tastebud.
As to why I kept saying I am only gonna do this once, because this is how my kitchen table look after completing all 6 rolls. And I dunno what to do with leftover fillings since I overestimated them!

Finally, I do not have Japanese mayonnaise since they are generally sweeter. I followed Agnes Chang recipe. She combined 2 tbsp of condensed milk to every 1/2 cup of normal mayonnaise. It works fine and didn't taste weird. I also left out the egg roe since they only sell frozen ones in bulk. Bulk as in per kg. What am I gonna do with the rest right?

All in all, not to bad for first attempt but I would have preferred salmons and unagi! What I've made are very much, what I would term, the 'Aussie Style Sushi'. Manufactured to cater Caucasians tastebuds. Don't believe me? See here for Aussie Style Sushi!

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Elin said...

Hi Quinn,

Actually for a first timer I think u did well on those sushi..actually my sushi doesn't look good the same time :P

Regarding the omelette, the link if for u to see how they fold it. We can adapt it and the oil part, we use little olive oil so as
the egg not to stick skillet. For me I used the non-stick, that is why my omelette is not oily :))

Quinn said...

Thanks Elin for your owrd of encouragement. Might attempt the omelette when I have the time...

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