Sandwich Kebab

This is what I did with my leftover sushi filling! As usual, trying to clear up spaces for my fridges, I took out lotsa unwanted stuff, a couple of still-good cherry tomatoes, slices of ham and almost expired cheese! I should really stop myself from buying so much unwanted stuffs sometimes!

I used 2 sandwich bread, trimmed off sides and spread then with:

chicken + avocado + Japanese Mayo + lettuce leaves
Cheddar squares + sliced ham
Mashed hard boiled eggs + Japanese Mayo + lettuce leaves

I also added salt and pepper to taste for each and every one, thread them on a skewer and had sliced cucumbers between them. Was planning a quick picnic by the river but it was raining on the day I made these! :(

Anyways, I think it is pretty challenging to use up leftovers and turn it into another dish without realizing you're actually eating the same thing yet again. And the most important part of all, they are healthy and on many occasions, taste good! That's a challenging task! Beat that!

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