5-spice chicken wings

This was a dish made when I first started cooking in Melbourne. Back then, we always do a one dish meal because we find cooking a tough thing and we need to eat to live. But we wanna eat good food because I'm rather picky.

Hence, we always resort to instant sachets like the one shown above. Easy and yummy.

Hey, I think apart from the lightning and the fact that I serve mine straight from the wok, my shots and the illustrated picture looks pretty similar!

I hope this shot is clear enough for you people who wants the recipe else just email me alright?

p/s: you need to buy this paste in order to cook this. I've tried using normal 5-spice powder and cook this but they just don't taste the same. Perhaps, I could have added more bay leaves, star anise, coriander seeds, cinnamon and all spice since those were the ingredients used in this sachet.

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