Omu Rice

I just made these and they were so so good! I'm a tomato hater but I love these omu rice.

I'm originally from Malaysia and in the Mamaks in Malaysia, we have this thing called Nasi Goreng Pattaya (Pattaya Fried Rice) which is a total match to this. I manage to find one picture of the Pattaya Fried Rice Rice here (I hope he doesn't mind me borrowing his pic in return of the linkings he'll get!). The only difference is that it is usually round and flat, very oily and the fried rice is not tomato fried rice.

However, I've googled and omurice means omelette rice. Nothing really relevant to tomato. I guess it's just a matter of preferance. I am totally inspired by one of my favourite blogger, HHB. I however didn't use her recipe but used the recipe given by the link she had. Love the video but I think cooking with a dog in the kitchen isn't so hygiene eh?

We made two and he wanted a square one so this is what we did. I think a non-stick pan really helps. The only change I made is I used a beef bouillon and use blended tomato in place of canned tomato. I just simmered longer to thicken the sauce. I even go as far as following her and shape my egg with a kitchen towel.

Do try this out and you'll fall in love with tomato too!

p/s: I use 80g egg whites for each wrap as I have 500ml of egg whites sitting in the freezer. Result is still as fabulous!

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VG said...

Quinn, thanks for dropping by my blog. You've got a great site here. Linking to your blog....hope you do too.

Quinn said...

Thanks for linking me up VG.

Anonymous said...

What did you garnish your omu rice with? Is it ketchup? What is the yellow sauce?

Quinn said...


It's ketchup and Japanese Mayonnaise.

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