Spicy Baked Wings

Even after separating my cooking from my baked goodies, I realized I still bake a lot of savory stuff over here!

This recipe is again a contribution of WokkingMum, which I got it here and modified it a little to make it spicy.

This is how I did it:

10 whole chicken wings
1 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tsp chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp honey
2 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp of loose chilli flakes or 1 tsp chili powder

I marinaded all the ingredients above in a resealable bag and left it in the fridge overnight.

The next day, I drain the wings from its marinade juice and arrange it on a baking tray.

I baked it in a preheated oven at 160°C for 15mins.

While doing that, I pour the reserved marinade juice into a pot and boil it until it reduced by half its original amount.

I then add 2 tsp of butter(I used extra-virgin olive oil too sometimes!) to it and use it to baste the chicken.

I've tried it with cornstarch mixture and it worked fine too. You really not necessarily have to boil it until it reduced by half.

Apart from that, I baste it with a couple of methods. I've tried using lemon grass stalks, half a lemon secured onto a sharp fork, baste it with a kitchen brush and just pour the marinade juice over with a teaspoon.

I always resort to the last one as my marinade juice is really thick after thickening it with cornstarch so pouring it over is not a problem as it will not slip off the chicken wings.

After 15mins have elapsed, I remove the chicken wings from the oven and flip all of them and baste it (with any methods above).

Then, I bake it again at 120°C for another 15mins or until it's golden brown. I definitely baste more than once and baste until I finish using my basting liquid.

That's it. Remove and serve piping hot and spicy!

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