Potato Croquettes

Made some of these babies for evening snacks. Slept at 7am this morning till 4pm just now! Watched the second half of Germany vs. Spain (kinda boring though, Spain won 1-0). Dinner time will be soon but I'm already hungry and wouldn't fancy a heavy meal right after waking up.

I combined everything above with the mashed potatoes except the breadcrumbs and egg white.

This are how my mashed potatoes look like after being mashed. I like using either Yukon Gold or Red Desiree. White potatoes can't give you such flaky effect. For the potatoes here, I boiled them skin on, on high heat, uncovered for about 20mins. Then I skinned them and mashed them finely.

Here comes the proportion:

Combine together:

80g of cheese, finely grated (I used Parmesan, you could you cheddar I suppose)
1 egg yolk
A bunch of coriander, finely chopped
1/2 tsp of salt
A dash of black pepper
A dash of curry powder (I should have put a little more for the spicy sensation)
3 medium sized red Desiree potatoes, mashed

Form into balls and dip these balls into egg wash (one egg white mixed with a little water) and coat them into breadcrumbs (spread one thin layer onto a large plate)

Deep fry these croquettes until turned golden brown. It took me 8-10mins to brown one batch of these potato croquettes. I used medium heat.

After deep frying, pat them dry with kitchen towel and serve with different dips. I had them with mayonnaise dip, BBQ dip and Thai sweet chilli dip would be good too!

Bon Appetit!

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