Grilled Basa Fillet with Mashed Potato & Gravy

My fellow housemates and me had this a couple of weeks back. I just couldn't find the time to post it. In fact, I have so many posts waiting in line for me to show you guys. Like today alone, I spent the whole day in the kitchen preparing for tomorrow's BBQ session. I did 3 different marinades for 5kg of chicken wings. I also marinaded two different meat, lamb and chicken for satays. Finally, I made honeydew sago dessert. It's the fastest, cheapest and a big hit among everyone. I shall save that for another day, Right now, trying to catch up with so many belated posts. Probably will be back on track when exams are over!

Now you don't see the fish.....

Now you do!

I have them laid on a bed of lettuce. Beatiful and taste as good as it look.

Recipe time! I got the fish recipe from WokkingMum (yes, it's her again!). This is a grilled basa fillet with garlic mayonnaise sauce. Simple, fast and awesome! I used the grill mode to get the brown bits on the fish.

Start off: Preheat oven to 200°C.


3 fish fillets, washed and gently salted and peppered.
Lightly oil them on both sides and place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Mix together and spread over fish:

3 tsp garlic blend
2 tbsp mayonnaise
1/2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Pinches of salt

Bake in preheated oven for 15mins or until cooked.
Place on bed of lettuce.

As for the mashed potato, I've adapted the mashed potato recipe from Exclusively Food's Shepherd's Pie (I omitted the cheese). I love the mashed potato. I used a mixer to get the fluffy smooth texture. Do not overbeat though else you'll end up with gluey potato.

1kg Red Desiree Potatoes, peeled, halved, boiled for 30mins until softened
50g butter
Salt to taste
1/2 cup milk (125ml)

Just mix everything together with help of an electric mixer. I've tried with fork and it worked too. It took me longer though. Refer to this video. I love how he explain things. When I first started off cooking, things like mashed potato could be a hard task. But now, I could proudly say I'm an expert!

As for the sauce, I've come up with one on my own with reference to I followed strictly and used:

2 tbsp chicken fat
2 tbsp plain flour

I add that to a non-stick pan to form roux and add in 1 cup of homemade chicken broth. I then added in salt and pepper to taste and pour them over the mashed potato. They thicken up really quickly so be sure to watch it else it might burn.

I've tried everything here, the fish, the mashed potato and the gravy at least 3 to 4 times each so you can be assured these really work!

Finally, for after meal dessert, I served this with my molten lava cake (came out so good, too tiny to be filling for everyone!). Such a nice dinner. I'm so good with western food rather than Asian food, really. I could think of a million combination with western. And they always taste so good, mmmmm.....

Okay, good night everyone! Can't wait to attend my friend's graduation tomorrow and enjoy my BBQ with housemates and landlord!

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