Fried Radish Cake I (Cai Tow Kuay)

I honestly think I'm very good to have actually made these. Sometimes, cravings do crazy stuff to you. You want it so badly that you actually start churning out fantastic stuff that you never once thought you would ever be able to do.

This is a lot of work and I did this one fine Saturday some time back. It took up all my time that by the time I wanna snap photo, I was either too tired or my hands were busy and oily.

I randomly used cocoa@Recipes's recipe for this. All was alright, it's just that my batter contain a lil' too much water. Apart from that, a point to note is that the steamed carrot cake hardens upon cooling so DO NOT TRY ATTEMPTING TO CUT IT EVEN WHEN IT'S WARM!

I made so much mess really. Even, the next day itself when I was about to fry individual servings, I made such mess cuz I just couldn't juggle so many things at one go.

Make sure wok is hot, make sure oily enough, make sure add 1 tbsp prepard cai poh and the chili paste and a lil' sugar/ salt to taste and also add spring onion, corinaders for garnish and beaten eggs yada yada yada....

We even triggered the house smoke alarm cuz it was just way too smoky even with the kitchenhood ventilator spinning at maximum! Disastrous!

In the end, when we finally settled down to eat, when I popped the first bite into my mouth, I realized I was being such a whiner, such a baby. it tasted so good that all our efforts were paid off. Seriously.

I would do this again, provided I have the time and people to help me out. With washings and frying and getting organized is the key. Make sure you have cai poh, seasonings, sambals, spring onions, beaten egg and coriander all easily reachable.

I totally love this!

This one serve 5 people:

Prepare the caipoh in advance:

Soak 200g minced caipoh in water for 30 min to reduce the saltiness.
Squeeze out excess water and heat a wok with little oil.
Fry the caipoh with minced garlics (I used 7 tsp of garlic blend) on medium heat for about 10mins until fragrant.
Add in 1 tsp of sugar and continue frying for 5mins.
Remove and set aside and chill in fridge overnight until ready to use.

300g Rice Flour
1 Radish (abt 9-inch long), shred and have water squeeze out and reserve
1.2 litre water (use all water from shredded radish and top up until the amount called for)

In a pot, place together water, shredded radish and rice flour and mix it thoroughly.
Add 2 tsp salt to it.
Boil the mixture under medium small heat until the mixture becomes sticky (took me 10mins).
Transfer to a heatproof tray (oiled) and steam on medium-high heat for 30 min. (I use a 11-inch stainless steel tray)
Remove from steamer and let cool for up to a few hours.
Store in fridge overnight.

Cooking: have someone do it for you if you hate stir frying like me. Also have everything organized in bowls for each of the following:

Radish cake, cubed into tiny pieces
5 beaten eggs
Chilli paste (optional)
Spring onion for garnish
Prepared Caipoh
A bottle of dark black sweet soya sauce

Frying: I fry 5 plates individually.

You need a very hot wok to fry the cake to prevent sticking.
Heat 3 to 4 tbs oil, throw in the cake and pan-fry until just brown.
Add 1tbsp caipoh and fry for a few seconds.
Then pour in the beaten egg.
Add dark black sweet soy sauce and finally the chilli paste.
Throw in a handful of spring onion, off heat and dish up.
Garnish generously with coriander and serve hot!

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Anonymous said...

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Best regards from Germany

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