Cornflake-Crusted Baked Chicken

This was done 2 weeks back for one of my dinner. Martha Stewart is good! Instead of deep frying them, these were baked and coated with crushed cornflakes. No unhealthy chicken skin, no oil clogging within. Yummy!

4 bone-in, skinless chicken maryland, chopped into thighs and drumsticks

Salt and pepper to rub on chicken pieces
1 large egg
2 cups of crushed cornflakes
1/2 tsp chili powder

Preheat oven to
200°C and line a baking tray with parchment paper. Clean chicken, and pat dry. Season generously with salt and pepper.

In a small shallow plate, whisk egg with 1 tablespoon water. In another large shallow plate, mix cornflakes, chili powder, and 1 teaspoon salt.

Coat chicken.
Working with one piece at a time, dip chicken in egg mixture, then coat with seasoned cornflakes, pressing flakes to help them adhere. Transfer coated pieces to a rimmed baking sheet.

My personal tip here: Lightly spray the arranged chicken pieces with canola oil spray. This is to make sure the chicken pieces remain moist after baking.

Bake until golden brown and crisp, about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper before serving.

Serve hot!

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