BBQ Pork Ribs : Attempt II

I did made this once before here. As promised, I reattempted this recipe. I skipped everything and just simmer it until the sauce looked a lil' burnt.

Then I pop it in the oven for bout 10mins on grill mode at about 220°C and that's it.

Hmmmm, I thought I didn't have much sauce left. It turns out when I scoop all out to serve it with rice, it's still damn a lot. I guess I should use meatier pork shoulders next time.

Make friends with your neighbourhood butcher and you'll get what you want.

Pretty picturesque aren't they? Oh well, at least it is to me :)

The ribs swimming in the sauce....

I personally think it's a lil salty to my liking but everyone else say it's okay.
Any idea on how to cut down saltiness?
It's also very sweet.
Can't explain it....

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